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The Mayan Ruin of Coba

by Richard Pascuzzi, Dallas

After spending many years with Dallas-based Prospera Financial Services, Richard Pascuzzi cofounded PSE Wealth Management, also located in Dallas. On his vacations, Richard Pascuzzi enjoys traveling to places such as the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and visiting various Mayan ruins.
Less than two hours from Playa del Carmen, Coba offers a spectacular array of ruins to explore. The ancient city includes the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula, known as the Nohoch Muul pyramid. Travelers can also visit nearby villages, which offer continuing modern versions of ancient Mayan traditions, and swim in cool, crystal-clear ponds in underground caverns.
Coba dates back to the period of Mayan history between 600 and 900 AD known as the Classic Period. During the time, Coba was home to as many as 45,000 inhabitants and served as an important commercial trade center. Although rediscovered in the 1890s, the ruined city was not excavated until the 1970s. Now, the nearly 6,500 buildings of Coba attract visitors from around the world.
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